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Stearns County Pheasants Forever - Sponsors

The Chapter is proud to showcase the area businesses and individuals that generously support our fundraising efforts. Without their support, our mission would not be possible. Please support the businesses that make it possible for the Minnesota to accomplish its goals.

Platinum Donors

Thank you to Stearns County Pheasants Forever Platinum Donors.

  • Sauk Centre Conservation Club

    Sauk Centre Conservation Club

Gold Donors

Thank you to Stearns County Pheasants Forever Gold Donors.

Sponsor Member

  • Al Arendt*

    Al Arendt*

  • Andrew  Houdek

    Andrew Houdek

  • Andrew Laudenbach

    Andrew Laudenbach

  • Blake Prososki

    Blake Prososki

  • Bob Schaefer

    Bob Schaefer

  • Brian Beck

    Brian Beck

  • Charlie Opitz

    Charlie Opitz

  • Chris Denn

    Chris Denn

  • Chris Schaefer

    Chris Schaefer

  • Curt Cotton

    Curt Cotton

  • Dan Schoenberg

    Dan Schoenberg

  • Dan Zimmerman

    Dan Zimmerman

  • Dave Kurilla

    Dave Kurilla

  • David Stadther

    David Stadther

  • Dennis Fuchs

    Dennis Fuchs

  • Denny Sowada

    Denny Sowada

  • Dr James R Tuorila*

    Dr James R Tuorila*

  • Duane Hanauer

    Duane Hanauer

  • Duane Scepaniak

    Duane Scepaniak

  • Eden Valley Sportsmen

    Eden Valley Sportsmen

  • Frank Froehle

    Frank Froehle

  • Galen Kabe

    Galen Kabe

  • Gary Frerecks

    Gary Frerecks

  • George Klumpke

    George Klumpke

  • Glen Koshiol

    Glen Koshiol

  • Green Grove Rod & Gun Club

    Green Grove Rod & Gun Club

  • Gregory Hruby

    Gregory Hruby

  • Gregory Pappenfus

    Gregory Pappenfus

  • Holdingford Sportman’s Club

    Holdingford Sportman’s Club

  • James Eric Gabrielson

    James Eric Gabrielson

  • James J Stegura

    James J Stegura

  • James Netter

    James Netter

  • James Roos

    James Roos

  • Jason Fleming

    Jason Fleming

  • Jim Potter

    Jim Potter

  • Joe Hartman

    Joe Hartman

  • Joe Theisen*

    Joe Theisen*

  • John P. Weitzel

    John P. Weitzel

  • Joseph N. Klein

    Joseph N. Klein

  • Joseph Opitz

    Joseph Opitz

  • Katie Theisen

    Katie Theisen

  • Ken Olson II

    Ken Olson II

  • Ken Olson III

    Ken Olson III

  • Kenneth Schulte*

    Kenneth Schulte*

  • Mark Hiltner

    Mark Hiltner

  • Michael H. Windschitl

    Michael H. Windschitl

  • Mike Theisen*

    Mike Theisen*

  • Mike Weber

    Mike Weber

  • Paynesville Sportsmans Club

    Paynesville Sportsmans Club

  • Pete Fischer

    Pete Fischer

  • Ralph Feld

    Ralph Feld

  • Randy Barten

    Randy Barten

  • Randy Graham

    Randy Graham

  • Romie Torborg

    Romie Torborg

  • Ron Wiehoff

    Ron Wiehoff

  • Rudy Opitz

    Rudy Opitz

  • Ryan Canfield

    Ryan Canfield

  • St. Joe Rod and Gun

    St. Joe Rod and Gun

  • Steven J. Letnes

    Steven J. Letnes

  • Steven Ree

    Steven Ree

  • Steven Sellnow

    Steven Sellnow

  • Thomas Dingmann

    Thomas Dingmann

  • Timothy Smith

    Timothy Smith